Linus Torvalds 的十条佳句

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“Don't hurry your code. Make sure it works well and is well designed. Don't worry about timing.”



"Developers have the attention spans of slightly moronic woodland creatures."



“One of the most important things for a maintainer isn't that  he's a super engineer. It’s that you're responsive and people can rely  on you being there 24/7, 52 weeks a year.”


Linus 通常不会因为 Bug 或者技术问题而熬夜。

“The thing with technology is if you do something stupid you can fix it.”


真正让 Linus 熬夜的是社区沟通和以及开发流程相关的事情。

“When tempers flare it can be really stressful for a few  days. I have flare-ups and that works fine for me… Other people tend to  mull over things. It eats at them for weeks on end, and those issues  tend to be the painful ones.”


Linus 对于劝说公司贡献内核代码或者使用开源软件持有一种进化论似的观点。它们不是看到了开源的好处,就是在经济上遇到了问题。

“I do open source because it's fun and it works… Companies  who work with the kernel community will waste less time and they'll just  work better.”


“If you're a company that thinks your tiny change to the  kernel is what gives you a competitive edge, you'll probably be facing  economic problems. You'd be much better off worrying about making the  best damn hardware for the lowest price.”


Linus 对于当前桌面 Linux 的发展有句话要说:

“I started Linux because I wanted to see it on the desktop...  I wish people would work together better ... and make a really nice  login screen.”

“我开始设计 Linux 的时候就是想看到他能运行在桌面上。我希望人们能更好的合作,及设计一个真正好看的登录界面。”

他认为 Valve 的 Steam for Linux 对于桌面 Linux 来说是个绝佳的机会,可以为 Linux 发行版构建有利于推广的游戏平台标准。

“It's the best model for standardization. Standards should  not be people sitting in a smoky room… and writing papers. It's being  successful enough to drive the market.”


在多元化方面,Linus 希望内核社区能有更多女性的参与,也希望看到能有来自更多地区的贡献者。

“We have very few women. But I'm not very worried. We used to  have this discussion about not having enough Japanese developers. We  can solve this but it will take time.”


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