phpMoAdmin:MongoDB administration GUI tool for PHP

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Built on a stripped-down version of the Vork high-performance framework

  • Nothing to configure - place the moadmin.php file anywhere on your site and it just works!
  • Fast AJAX-driven XHTML 1.1 interface operates consistently in every browser!
  • Self-contained in a single 95kb file!
  • Works on any version of PHP5 with the MongoDB NoSQL database & Mongo PHP driver.
  • Enter into the single smart-search box:
    • Plain text
    • (type-casted) value
    • Text with * wildcards
    • Regular Expressions (regex)
    • JSON (with Mongo-operators enabled!)
  • Includes multiple design themes to choose from
  • Super flexible - option to query MongoDB using JSON or PHP-array syntax
  • Import/export data in JSON format
    • Export full collections
    • Export the results of any query
    • Import can:
      • Insert only new records
      • Save / upsert (adds & overwrites)
      • Update only pre-existing records
      • Batch-Insert until a duplicate is found
  • Textareas can be resized by dragging/stretching the lower-right corner.
  • E_STRICT PHP code is formatted to the Zend Framework coding standards + fully-documented in the phpDocumentor DocBlock standard.
  • Instructional error messages - phpMoAdmin can be used as a PHP-Mongo connection debugging tool
  • Option to enable password-protection for one or more users; to activate protection, just add the username-password(s) to the array at the top of the file.
  • Free & open-source! Released under the GPLv3 FOSS license!


  • Database
    • List with data sizes
    • Create/drop
    • Repair/compact
  • Collection
    • Show list of collections with number of objects within each
    • Create/rename/drop collection
    • List indexes
    • Create/drop indexes
      • multiple keys
      • ascending/descending
      • unique index
  • Data objects
    • Single smart-search box accepts:
      • exact-text
      • (type-casted) value
      • text with * wildcards
      • Regular Expressions (regex)
      • JSON (with Mongo-operators enabled)
    • Option to query MongoDB using JSON or a PHP array
    • Show objects with 3-different viewing options (full, compact & uniform)
    • Sort by any key within your data object (even nested sub-keys!) with ascending/descending option
      • Option to sort by $natural for rapid browsing of large datasets
    • Define the number of results to display per page (or unlimited)
    • Create/delete objects
    • Edit object data
  • Mongo GridFS
    • GridFS objects automatically link GridFS chunks to GridFS files
  • MongoDB stats
    • Uptime, memory, etc.
    • Log of previous errors
    • Mongo-PHP settings
    • Version & bit-depth of MongoDB, Mongo PHP driver, phpMoAdmin, etc.
  • Optional password-protection for one or more users


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